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Injured in Houston, TX? Call Wyly & Cook, PLLC!

Motorcycles can be a great way to commute on Houston’s busy streets and are the go-to form of transportation for thousands of people. As useful as motorcycles can be in cutting down travel time and gas money, they can also be incredibly dangerous to riders. There is very little to protect the motorcycle rider between the pavement, vehicle or object of contact other than the clothes and helmet he may be wearing.  For this reason, motorcycle accidents are often catastrophic. Crash victims frequently suffer from broken bones, road burns, head and brain trauma, amputations, paralysis and sometimes death.

Injuries and Damages Suffered By Riders

More fatal accidents occur on motorcycles than any other type of vehicle. In a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, over 5,000 fatal crashes occurred in 2008 alone. Riders that are not injured, often require hospitalization for their injuries and can face high medical costs, long-term recovery, and psychological damage. While most accidents are single-rider accidents, there are plenty of collisions that occur between a motorcycle rider and a negligent driver.  If you have been injured because of another driver, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries.

Seek Compensation Through a Motorcycle Accident Claim Attorney

At Wyly & Cook, PLLC, we understand that this time in your life can be difficult, and you may be filled with anxiety and questions. Often times, insurance companies offer to total out motorcycles rather than pay for repairs to the bike.  It is important that you speak with a Houston motorcycle accident attorney fbefore accepting this deal. Totaling your motorcycle may get rid of important evidence that could help your case.

We will do our best to preserve evidence, fully investigate the crash and help bring the wrongful party to justice. Negligent drivers found at-fault for a motorcycle collision, could be held responsible for your damages under the law including past and future medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, mental anguish, impairment and disfigurement. Contact our firm today at 713-236-8330 for a free consultation or fill out the contact form on this web page for a free case evaluation.