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Are You a Salaried Broadcast Engineer? You May Be Entitled to Overtime Pay.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) has many requirements and standards for overtime pay. Nonexempt workers must be paid overtime pay at a rate of not less than one and one-half times their regular rates of pay after 40 hours of work in a workweek.

Broadcast companies have many types of employees that do a myriad of duties. Some of these companies may be misclassifying their employees as “Exempt” from overtime without fully understanding the law. Even if you are paid a salary, you may be entitled to overtime pay compensation.

Some examples of employees who are exempt from overtime pay include:

  • Announcers, news editors, and chief engineers of certain non-metropolitan broadcasting stations;
  • Certain commissioned employees of retail or service establishments; auto, truck, trailer, farm implement, boat, or aircraft sales-workers; or parts-clerks and mechanics servicing autos, trucks, or farm implements, who are employed by non-manufacturing establishments primarily engaged in selling these items to ultimate purchasers;
  • Employees of railroads and air carriers, taxi drivers, certain employees of motor carriers, seamen on American vessels, and local delivery employees paid on approved trip rate plans;
  • Domestic service workers living in the employer’s residence; and
  • Employees of motion picture theaters.

There are many circumstances to consider when determining overtime for an employee, and determinations are usually made on a case by case basis. If you work in the broadcast industry and believe you may be entitled to overtime pay, contact Wyly & Cook. Wyly & Cook can help determine if you have a case for overtime pay, including compensation for back pay.

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